Interview: Melissa DuPrey’s SEXomedy

Gozamos had a chance to have a one-on-one with Melissa DuPrey leading up to the opening of her saucy SEXomedy show. It’s a show geared to adult crowds, filled with truths and antics about SEX. Melissa speaks very candidly about the issues surrounding her Orthopedic mattress and humorously brings to light the tricks and bad habits of men in their quest to satisfy.

You can catch the show every Wednesday in February at the Greenhouse Theater Center. Mature audiences only. Bring a notepad, you may learn a thing or two.

Here’s what she had to say:

You are a comedian, actress, singer, performer – tell me about all you do?
I started acting at the age of 6. I did my first play at La Casa Central shortly after that in a dance group and officially started acting in junior high doing plays. To round it up, I’ve been involved in theater for over twelve years. In college, I majored in Theater Performance and Spanish Literature in Houston but moved back to Chicago due to the lack of work for Latina performers in Houston.

Now I know you are originally from Chicago, how did you end up in Houston?
My mom, searching for better schools and a less violent environment. We actually moved around for a bit before we settled in Houston. I would spend my summers here doing theatrical projects and performances. Always acting – it’s always been my first passion.

Your new show SEXomedy; how did that fall on your doorstep?
I auditioned with Teatro Luna, and toured with them for the play CROSSED; later on they featured one-night-stands featuring Latinas and women of color. On one of these nights, they had no artists to fill a slot and I was asked if I wanted to do a piece at Noche Bohemia to which I replied; “I have no talent – all I do other than acting is tell dick jokes.” and they said, “Okay, tell some dick jokes then.” So I sat down and wrote a monologue which turned out to be the first SEXomedy rendition. I did it again for Noche Bohemia and again for Marimacha Night. Later on, they asked me to put it on as a full production. I increased the skit by another 15 minutes, added lights and music, a masturbation scene at the end, some slides – and there you have it. I had some help with Elizardi Castro (who’s a great artist!), who came and saw the show and helped me along the way – he helped me find the funny.

What was the basis for the script?
It’s all mine – autobiographical – personal experiences. It started as a self-proclamation of the reasons why I enjoy masturbating so much and it grew from there. However, I didn’t want it to be all of these blatant sexual jokes with no meaning. It became my own declaration of independence with my own sexuality and my sense of being.  These are things that I go through in 2012 as a single Latina and I wanted to share them. Expose the truth and the lies and people’s opinions about porn and masturbation. I mean, the image of being a voluptuous woman but having to deal with hair issues, stretch marks for example – everything is about image. I can honestly say that there were some social justices to be had behind SEXomedy.


How open was your mom with you about sex growing up?
Very open – we spoke about it freely, absolutely. I remember as a kid finding her vibrators and having discussions that self satisfaction is a normal and healthy thing to do. To put it in vaginal terms; who knows your body better than you? You cannot expect a man to please you if you don’t know what pleases you? Look, I was very lucky to have a mother and an aunt who freely discussed sex and masturbation with me. I was reading dirty novels as a teenager and in that exposure I found my sexual self. And I see you frowning Maddy…I understand that in Latin culture sex is often considered taboo. Even as babies discover their sex organs, their hands are slapped and told “no-no toque eso! (line from the play).” It’s a perfectly normal human urge.

In your opinion how’s sex different now from when our parents were growing up?
This is something I explore in my show. SEXomedy explores female rebellion and I believe it has the same kind of spirit of the ‘60s in a new age. We are now reaping the rewards of all the suffering women endured by lack of independence and civil rights. Women today are more demanding, we are head of households, we hold powerful positions in society – hence “Pussy Power.” The difference is that we are empowered in many ways and at the end of each day, we are nurturing to our children, loving members of families but most importantly, loving to ourselves.

Do you think that men have abused their “dick-power” long enough and that it is now time for us women to use our “Pussy-Power?”
Yes. It is a crucial time for us to use our “Pussy-Power” but not in a sense of abuse and control. I think women are very much aware of their femininities and sexualities. In the ‘60s, women and men in general ranted and raved more about love and emotional connectivity and I think that is where we are lacking. Emotional connection. I believe our powers should be used to teach a man the beauty that is woman and that her release is a relevance of connection and satisfaction that when shared, should be sanctified and appreciated. We still have a long way to go…The media still stigmatizes and stereotypes women in a sexually derogatory way. That needs to change! However, it’s a change that only women can bring about. We need to take a step back and stop allowing men and the media to treat us as objects, and hold ourselves accountable to the way we would like to be viewed. We are whole in body, spirit and mind.  We need to harness the “Pussy-Power” and take it to a higher level. Maddy, what I do in my show is about self-acceptance and self-love.  It is not by any means promoting promiscuity, not-at-all. I really think that self-love is a pivotal place for all women to start their journey that hopefully leads them to a healthy, sexual life.

Would it be fair to say that the best relationship you can have is with yourself?
Absolutely. At the end of the day when you ARE NOT relying ON ANOTHER PERSON for love and satisfaction YOU BECOME A MORE COMPLETE  person. Yes… I say masturbate away!

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