Shakira has always been a known humanitarian, but with the birth of her first child with FC Barcelona star Gerard Piqué, she’s continued her work with Buena Vida UNICEF to help stop infant mortalities in struggling nations across the world. According to up to one million infants die every year from malaria due to mosquito bites. The global death of minors five years and younger has lowered from 12 million in 1990 to 7 million in 2011, but tons of work is still needed to improve the lives of many millions.

Shakira and Gerard have opened up their home for a virtual World Babyshower donation experience where you can help reduce unacceptable rate of infant mortality. You can help these children and families with your donations that purchase “inspirational gifts,” which do way more than simply inspire.

“The birth of our first child is a special moment in our lives. For that reason we’ve invited you to share in our baby shower in partnership with UNICEF, through which you can help babies living in extreme poverty throughout the world, giving them dignified chance at life,” says Shakira and Gerard’s invitation. “Thank you from the heart.”

For $5 USD you can purchase a mosquito net to guard an infant from mosquito bites while they sleep. For $10 you can purchase 17 polio vaccines. For $37 you can purchase a scale to help weigh and monitor growing babies weight and health. And for $110 you can help purchase peanut or maní based therapeutic food specially made to aid malnourished children. Malnutrition remains as the number one cause of half of all infant mortalities in many regions of the world.

Even if times are hard for many of us in the U.S., take some time to consider the state of the world and help with your inspirational donation today.

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