Arts & Entertainment 2012 Recap, First Half

We take an artfully entertaining stroll down the memory lane of 2012, a year full of exciting moments and graceful pages here at Gozamos. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these pieces half as much as we’ve enjoyed putting them together for you.


Starting the year off with one of our favorite artists in the city can never be a bad thing, right? Ruben Aguirre paints and points us in the right direction.

Corey hips you to the noise generated by the newest story from Fina Torres, Habana Eva, the story contemplating love and hate.

During the same week in early January, we sat down with the most important curator in Chicago, Contemporary 33’s Sergio Gomez for a peek into his first show of 2012, Wet Paint.


We covered the Chicago White Sox’ entire tumultuous 2012, and Chicago: A Drinking Town With A Sports Problem’s Andrew Welebir started us off early on with the search for a closer. Going into 2013, is Addison Reed still our guy?


We did our part to cut through the bullshit and introduced you to our political cartoonist, Eric J. Garcia, where Corey dug deep to get to know this year’s most controversial addition to the Gozamos team. And that’s the way we like it.

Seriously though, “If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.” Eddie Colla speaks the truth and represents the disenfranchised population through powerfully occupied statements and images. Get into it.

Corey kept busy in 2012, and this critique of Michelle Stone’s show at 175 shows exactly why everyone keeps coming back for more.


Roberto Del Rio brought us the most popular review during our extensive coverage of the Chicago Latino Film Festival with Under My Nails.

Claudio talks Zombie Movies with CLFF’s second favorite review among readers Beyond the Grave.


The Art Institute of Chicago hooked up a proper program for the pop art pioneer. I saw for myself just how magnificent the exhibit was, and my respect for Ole Roy grew even deeper through this retrospective.

And then, the enigmatic Mr. Ray Noland aka CRO came to town for another take on what satire means in the 21st Century. Jose Luis reviewed his May show at Wicker Park’s Grand Bizzare entitled, Sex, Spraypaint, and Satire. Let them eat CRO…

Jose Luis reviewed Hernan Jimenez’s sophomore effort, El Regreso, one which shows his exponential growth and undeniable talent.

Berrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwyn(!) got in on the action this summer with a new opening on Cermak Road, Gallery 22. I spoke with their founders to get the low down on what’s happening on the far West Side.


Perhaps one of the best executed shows ever made, Madeline articulates just why the dynamic of Mad Men works the way it does.


Second half of 2012 coming at you later this week.

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