BOTM: Arcadia Ales Imperial Stout

As the temperature drops, I crave a beer with a little more substance. All summer I’ve been looking toward the IPAs and hoppy pilsners, but now that winter is here in full swing, I need a beer that is a bit richer. This month, I am going to be enjoying Arcadia’s Imperial Stout.

This stout pours a viscous pitch black and tops itself with a dense but small brown head. The viscosity and booze in this beer is apparent by the film it leaves on the rim of the glass. This is actually deceiving.

The aroma of the beer is of plum and cherry. It has brown sugar and molasses. And there’s also plenty of booze. At nine percent abv, you should get some of that heat in your nose.
For the flavor, you get pretty much what you expect from an imperial stout. There is coffee-like roast. There is also a great charred-malt flavor. What is interesting about this beer is that it has all the aromas and flavors that an imperial stout should have, but the beer itself is actually very easy drinking.

This beer is actually not as thick as you would expect by its appearance. It has a heavier mouthfeel, but I would still say it’s on the light side of an imperial stout. Oddly enough, it is a bit of an easy drinker for what it is. This is exactly why I think it is such a great beer. It has the characteristics you want for the season you are drinking it. Come winter, I want to be drinking something dark and robust. This beer is full flavored and strong. I also don’t want to be drinking a whole lot of beer because I’d much rather fill up on the treats that are offered at my holiday gatherings.

Arcadia’s Imperial Stout pairs really well with dessert. Try some rich chocolate or sweet fruits. It would also do very well alongside some rich game. This beer, like all beer, is meant to be enjoyed with company. So find someone you can stand being with for a while and share this robust treat.