Interview: Felipe Esparza at Laugh Factory

This past October Latino comedian & winner of 2010’s Last Comic Standing, Felipe Esparza, stopped by Chicago to make many people laugh at the Laugh Factory comedy club.

He’s comedy involves many life stories from his old neighborhood, growing up poor and his (not so good) luck with women, among other hilarious stuff.  Gozamos had the chance to sit with him before his last show an have a “heart to heart” to find out a little more about who Felipe really is.  Even before our conversation started it was obvious that he is a genuinely funny person as he walked toward us wearing his “Save a Hoe” super hero outfit complete with a cape and a very serious look on his face. From politic to Lucha libre, this guy has an opinion that might sound funny but it can certainly send a message to his audience.

BTW. Next time he’s in Chicago he promised to hang out with us around La Villita & Pilsen. So if you spot us or him, don’t be shy and come say “What’s up fool”

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