Emiliano Zapata, Vicente Fernandez, Pedro Infante, Salvador Dali, Cantinflas, and Teddy Roosevelt. All famous mustached men, all icons, and torch holders of the ideals held by Modern Machos all over the globe. This November men all over the globe will band together and grow mustaches to raise not just awareness but also money for what I believe is a worthy cause: prostate and testicular cancer research.

On November 1st Gozamos and Modern Macho will take our first foray into raising money for cancer research.  As of today our team page is open and we are taking team members to grow mustaches and help with our fundraising efforts. You can join our team by following this link and registering. Feel free to update our team page with your mustache progress as I will be doing.

Women are free to join as well, just because you can’t grow a sweet Zapata ‘stache doesn’t mean that you can’t join in on the fun.  A note about the inability to grow a mustache, I have never grown facial hair and it’s not from a lack of trying, I was blessed/cursed with perpetual baby face which means that at the end of November my result will be laughable, but for a good cause. When people ask me about the dirt on my upper lip I will proudly inform them that this dirt is an effort to raise awareness for a very worthy cause.

For more information on Bigotiembre (Movember) and to join Team Modern Macho visit this site.

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