Women Who Rock

Once upon a time Rolling Stone editors selected six lesser-known female musicians to face-off in a competition called ‘Women Who Rock’. Intended to expose the faces of young women who are helping cultivate and move music culture forward, the polls were opened to the fans, and the rivalry was narrowed down to two modishly cool artists: Karmin and Rita Ora.

Karmin is not a female solo-artist but a pop-duo: Amy Heidemann and fiance Nick Noonan. Though both are trained musically, it is Heidemann’s expressive personality that adds flair to their performances. Graduates of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, they gained critical exposure by releasing their interpretive cover of LiL Wayne and Chris Brown’s ‘Look at Me Now’. In this homemade YouTube video, Heidemann demonstrates her tongue-deftness as she raps at an incredibly fast-rhythmic pace, while Noonan accompanies swiftly on the keyboard. Heidemann told MTV’s Christina Garibaldi that if Karmin landed the cover, “it would be a really, really big deal […] We’d probably have a Ustream party with the entire planet.” Karmin’s single “Brokenhearted” has reached the top 20 in the country.

Karmin recently showcased at the Rolling Stone “Rock Room” during Lollapalooza along with Rita Ora. Hosted by Studio Paris (59 West Hubbard Street), about 300 music enthusiasts, fashion bloggers, and music journalists, joined the party to see which artist they liked the most. The stakes are high as the winner gets featured on the flip cover of the widely-read and internationally recognized Rolling Stone magazine.

Signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label –the Kosovo-born, West London-city-based– Rita Ora is pretty legit at the age of 21. The mezzo-soprano topped the charts for the second time with the recent release of her Dranke-penned single – R.I.P. The former BBC One’s Eurovision: This Country Needs You contestant has spent her Summer days touring with Coldplay. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she said of landing the cover, “Having that Women Who Rock title from Rolling Stone would be such a great feeling,” Though Ora is often compared to Rihanna because of her focus on dance-pop, she’s able to bring an edge to Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” track by dubbing her own acoustic version.

Though some of us would like to imagine these two battling it out in a classic catfight – we know that these two are engaging in a respectable friendly battle. Karmin told Garibaldi, “So it was really fun to meet [Rita] and she was also really into fashion, like me, so we’re basically best friends, so it’s going to be a little awkward.” Lucky for them, their audience gets to vote.

So who would you vote for? Fans eager to participate in this contest are welcome to ballot online by September 10th. Remember, Women Who Rock is about talent and edge. Will it be Karmin or Rita Ora?