Pamela Rodriguez’s effervescent personality is well-noted in her “Ligera Love” music video (and not to mention, my interview with her). Though it may be infectiously distracting, Pamela is a talented singer-songwriter, so much so that in 2006 she was nominated for a Latin Grammy. Her lyrics are contemplative and she explores topics like female identity, the politics of love and heartbreak, and her own ethnic differentness (she’s European-Peruvian). Rodriguez has two other albums Peru Blue (2005) and On the Shore (2007). Her third one Reconocer (2011) is a folk-pop inflected album that, as she explained to me, took her on a journey that allowed her to recognize herself again. Following the video interview is “Mantra” her newest single and “Ligera Love”, which is saturated with sugary and sexy sequences.


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