La Santa Cecilia – who take their name from the Catholic church’s patron saint of music Saint Cecilia –
is a musically savvy L.A. based band. Their music integrates sounds from several different genres ranging from ranchera to jazz to rock. One can say that this is a reflection of their cultural background. Having been  raised in a well-known immigrant community, they were nonetheless exposed to a wider American culture. Adding to their sonic eclecticism are their unique art covers and funky pins of “unicorns, donuts, cacti and sombreros to smiley-faced condoms”, all of which are designed before performances by family, friends, fans, and the band members. However, that’s not what garnered them a Latin Grammy Award nomination nor landed them an on-camera appearance on HBO’s Emmy award-winning show Entourage. Having heard them play live during the LAMC for an acoustics showcase at SOB’s in New York, I am convinced it is their rollicking sound. Ok, and Marisoul’s 50s vintage style!. I am also convinced that you won’t disagree with me. Check out my interview with them above!

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