Feature photo by Chicago Hustles Magazine

The sacred solace found while cruising and putting together cars may only exist for a third of the year here, but we cram more than enough into the summer months of Chicago to capture the calendar’s attention and put our LowRider culture up there with the best of em.

Musicians performed, people danced and sang along to: MC Phillip Morris, Old Town Latin Funk Ensemble, Impala Sound, DJ Jesse De La Peña, Sones Del Viento Ensemble, MC Phero, DJ Rico Killer Diller, DJ Ray Fernandez, and more. The weather was beautiful. Fully loaded with snacks and supplies, we caught up with some local cats and some national wave pavers for the lowdown on the lowrider.

The virtual road trip all lined up, the car clubs that participated this year made up Chicago’s most highly touted and well-respected, bringing the lifestyle to a whole new plateau. The Chicago Lowrider Preservation Fund and The Chicago Urban Arts Society provided a bigger and badder festival than last year, and everyone involved noticed and was happy with the turnout.

The exhibition inside CUAS featured car club badges dating back to last century, custom car parts from “The Creator,” photographs and video footage from the makings of a culture that celebrates the middle class’s ability to take part in what once was thought to be reserved for the elite. We all just want to feel good about what we’re doing. It’s all love.

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