This Saturday is the 7th annual We Are Hip-Hop festival, and as usual, it is going down in Dvorak Park. For those not familiar with this quaint but not quite festival, it features many acts from across the city along with local vendors, and is presented by Pros Arts Studios. Since it is a youth operative initiative, the main focus of the festival is to promote non-violence by showcasing the positive aspects of the hip-hop culture.  As so this festival mixes community workshops hosted by local artists aimed at trying to bring peace in the community and arts to the youth that happened over the last month. At the festival you will see artists showcasing their skills with dj sets, mics, and even the well known spray can. That means competitions will be held for those who can best bring their paint to the wall or canvas. There are music acts that are definitely worth checking out below

We Are Hip-Hop Festival is on Saturday, August 4 from 1:00-6:00pm at Dvorak Park at 1119 W. Cullerton.

You may have heard N**er in North Face before when it gained some notoriety last winter. If you haven’t heard this song, it strikes deep in talking about racial tensions in relationships that cross color barriers and all the twisted feelings that come with it.

Scheme is a very well polished rapper with a smooth style. His songs run the gambit to what is considered prototypical “underground” to something that you can imagine listening to on while relaxing on the beach in the summer.

Boi Jeanius is a Chicago DJ and turntablist that you may have caught on 103.5 Kiss FM. Here he is doing a freestyle.

Daryn Alexus is a young singer with a powerful a voice and range.

Lili K is another talented young singer from Chicago with a lot of potential showing off her abilities in “My Name Is”.

Kuumba Lynx is a community organization based on the North Side that is devoted to helping youth with expression and creating peace through theatre and art. Here are a few of their performers doing a spoken word theater piece on the Arizona ban on cultural books.


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