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Fiesta Del Sol For those of you not privileged enough to speak Spanish it means the festival of the sun, no its not some sort of Aztec reenactment involving stone altars and human sacrifice. Pilsen’s oldest street fair / carnival/ health & education fair, and its celebrating 40 years of excellence July 26th-29th .

Now in its 40th year Fiesta Del Sol has proven to be a staple of life in Pilsen.  If you stand in the middle of it, it’s easy to forget that you are standing literally ten minutes from downtown Chicago, you are instantly transported to a tianguis in Guadalajara, the cumbia blaring from the vendor booths and stages with its hypnotic ch-ch-ch-ch, the trinket vendors peddling their handmade rosaries, bracelets and Chiclets, the smells of tortas ahogadas , enchiladas, and flautas  being prepared in large half barrel fryers. It’s like being in Mexico in Chicago.

Fiesta del sol in my eyes represents everything that it means to be a Chicago Mexican, a deep connection to our ancestry while embracing our new home and its customs and traditions. What most people don’t know about Fiesta Del Sol is what I feel to be its most important aspect; it is a fundraiser for a lot of amazing causes, the main one being a Scholarship for local students.
Unlike most street festivals in Chicago Fiesta del sol is a completely free event featuring an eclectic array of live acts ranging from bandas and sonideros to dance crews and rock bands showcasing their talents for the good people of Pilsen and latino-curious Chicagoans and tourists alike, if you are not into live music then come for the orgy of Mexican street food, because after all who doesn’t like Mexican food?  And if you just so happen to be the one person on this planet who cannot be swayed by delicious food then come for the amazing people watching.

See you in the sun!

5-6 Kelroy
6-7 The Moses Gun
7-8 Rayo de Tierra Caliente
8-9 Diana Reyes (con el Mariachi Tequila)
9-10 Interrogacion

5-6 Estrella Negra
6-7 Benus
7-8 Cumbia Machin

8-9 Los Pecados de Maria

9-10 Mensajeros de Tierra Caliente
10-11 Los Supercats

11:30am – 12pm “Dancing with Class” presents, The Ruiz Dancers in cooperation with May I Have This Dance
12pm-12:30pm Irma C. Ruiz School Choir
12:30pm-1pm Juarez Drumline and Flag Team
2-3 Mol K
3-4 Dubatonik

4-5 Vivian Garcia
5-6 Banda Potrillos
6-7 Despierta America
7-8 Los 5 Magnificos
8-9 Lokillos Musical Tribal
9-10 Los Panchis

11:30-12pm Juarez Drumline and Flag Team
12-12:30pm Hermanos Salcedo
2-3 Winter
3-4 Perfect Kiss
4-5 [.DESCARGA.]
5-6 Alexia Lopez
Dj El Bambino
6-7 Los Viejones
7-8 Los Cometas
8-9 Julio Cortez
DJ Lalokera
9-10 Aline Hernández (Host of Al Extremo)


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