Beer of the Month May: Founders All Day IPA

Feature photo by brostad

I need a special kind of beer as the weather warms up. I like something light enough to drink while I’m working up a sweat outside, but strong enough to hold up to a cold night’s campfire. A new special kind of beer that I’ve really started to enjoy is Founders All Day IPA.

This beer is exactly what the name claims. It’s a highly hopped ale with incredible aroma. I’m not sure I’d really call it an IPA, but it’s definitely got a nice hop bite. It pours a nice orange with a very light head. What really shines in this one is the aroma. It’s a grapefruit-pine bomb from the moment you crack the bottle.

The beer tastes just like what it advertises but with a bit of dank, vegetal-hop character as well. It’s also got some sweet caramel and some biscuity malts. There are just enough IBUs to help with the impression of an IPA, as it leaves just a bit of bitterness on the back of the tongue. This beer weighs in at 42 IBUs, which is more than Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and is only 4.7% abv.

The sensation of a highly hopped beer, with a good charge of bitterness and light malts, gives the illusion of drinking an IPA. Of course, Founders also calls this a session ale, so it is something I can drink when I’m working outside all day and still be coherent to have some more.

If you want to try another Session IPA, you can look for Short’s Ale La Reverend or Uinta Trader