Album Review: Maddjazz’ Trippy Trapp

I’m so sorry everyone. But, I just can’t stop my unholy proclivity for percolated percussion. This recent release from Booty Call Records is definitely on par with that Leatherface release last year. While Maddjazz, a Chicago staple, aka Armande Ortega of Ghetto Division, dropped this finely titled, Trippy Trapp early this month, I do apologize for my untimely delay on the review. But, honestly, all you ghetto-tron fanatics probably already knew about this one, so what could my superfluous words really contribute to the promotion and prodigious enjoyment of yet another juke-alicious album.

Trippy Trapp starts off profane and perky with the arousing, “Side 2 Side” featuring D51. The back door entry, rear ending references in this hardcore genre are never gonna get old. I mean, honestly, I do “beat it from the back.” However, I donna how authentically I can claim to have “four fifteen’s in the back of my ride,” whatever that means,  considering I’ve been a scrub taking the CTA my whole life. Either way, this is one of those openers that gets you hopping in our public transit seat, roller coaster bumps and abrupt halts are just a part of the city ride. You’ll still think you’re a little badass riding your Western bus all the way to nowhere and back.

“Like You” picks up the pace with a bouncy track  in the ranks of a more RnB swerving, soulful sound that reminds me of grammar school church basement innocence like no other. I love this shit. It’s just basic booty music, and they ain’t nothin wrong with that. If I was straight, I’m sure I’d get somebody pregnant to this ditty. And as all my college girl-friend’s (with a sashay) may note, I think they already can confirm that juking with me is liable to get somebody pregnant anyways, so I’ll just leave the stereotypes at the door on this one. This shit’s kinda dangerous.

“How It’s Going Down” switches it up with some classical composition and brooding witch-house effects that chill down Trippy Trapp, but the freestyle solo vocals come in like an anthem for Ortega’s style. Maddjazz screams, loud and clear, “let me show you how it’s going down.” Booty music with heart? This the most sincere and sensual set of Chicago juke tracks I’ve heard in a while. Quant, calm, collected this some butter up the back door kind of sauce.The next number on this EP, “Back It Up” winds back up with some rough cuts.

The following remixes by David Beltran, Marvy Da Pimp and Lazy Ants balance out Maddjazz’ compositions quite well, without distracting too much from the original zeal of the originals. I’d have to say Lazy Ant’s rendition of “Back It Up” hammers a deep house influence that sounds the most familiar to my Chi-town-centric ears. Maddjazz’ Chi-twon roots harold the ruckus drone of this diligent dj’s career. Having started out in the party scene at 14, Ortega knows what he’s doing. I look forward to hearing more from this tenacious producer. Looks like Booty Call Records is in it for the long haul, teaming up with Ghetto Division celebs, carrying the ghetto house scene to new heights. Shit, I ain’t complaining.