The world renown L.A-based progressive house DJ and producer, Darin Epsilon, offers up the third medley from his very own label, Perspective Digital. On this compilation, Progressive Digital Vol. 3, Epsilon pieces together a wide and poignant array of Tech House, hand selected, representing if not embodying the world-“Progressive” sound. His last release, Vol. 2 in the series made it to #6 on the Beatport’s Top 100 Progressive House Release chart. That’s no small feet, so we commend Epsilon, from the house capital of the world, Chi-town.

All you masters of the mild music milieu might note that of course Epsilon grew up only 45 minutes away from Northwestern University, listening to WNUR FM and was thrust into the DJ world with the first remix in stores at age 22, according to an interview with DSL Magazine. So duh, we’re proud of our homeboy and geeked for his ecalating success, duh!

This compilation, like any progressive house-head might expect, lulls and dips, pops and trills along into infinity. This is the kind of music you want to play on an unexpectedly cool Chicago summer day, while recovering from some deadly sunburn and 3 hour train rides because the CTA decided to catch on fire and fuck up everyone’s life the day before, in the middle of rush hour at the same time that a Cubs game lets out, sheesh. Despite yesterday’s pandemonium, possible casualties and the mess of thousands of commuters stranded in the streets from Belmont to North/Clyborn, there is peace and tranquility today. And good music to quiet you down. The 10 song collection may seem hefty, but each track whizzes by, with a casual, chillaxing nod to the genre.

Epsilon is heading up a fabulous tour through Latin America and we couldn’t be happier for him. So all you Chicago kids, tell your cousins in the motherlands to get ready for some good vibes. Speaking about his upcoming tour dates, Epsilon notes, “Without a doubt, I’m most nervous and excited to be headlining Vertigo in Costa Rica for the first time.  It’s ranked #52 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs and arguably the most respected club in Central America.”

Progressive Digital Vol. 3 is available now. While all episodes of Darin Epsilon’s monthly radio show Perspectives can be downloaded for FREE on SoundCloud and airs every 3rd Wednesday And check out Epsilon’s free giveaway of a full pro Soundcloud account via his Facebook page. Contest ends June 10.

Tour Dates & Radio Schedule:

5/26 – Riddle of the Sphinx (16+) – Denver, US
6/09 – Vertigo (#52 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs) – San Jose, Costa Rica
6/20 – Perspectives on
7/07 – Sunglasses At Night – Nairobi, Kenya
7/18 – Perspectives on
8/10 to 8/11 – Digital Island Outdoor Festival – Oahu, Hawaii
8/15 – Perspectives on
8/17 to 8/18 – Awake Open Air Festival – Lima, Peru
9/01 – Sala de Armas Foro Sol – Mexico City

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