Soulphonetics – a musically-conscious and globally-minded Chicago-based DJ collective- co-founded by producers Caswell James and Christian Vera, amongst others- promises a night of non-stop soulful-netics during their 3-year-anniversary of Dance Syndrome, one of their most popular evenings, this Saturday, April 28th at Taxim.

“Soulphonetics has been around for eight years. The people who founded Soulphonetics originally are Caswell, Cordell Johnson, and David Chavez, and they brought me in as a lead promoter,” says member DJ Christian Vera. He continues, “when Johnson and Chavez branched out to meet the needs of the city’s musical appetites, such as Excursions at Subterranean or Chavez’s SoundCulture, I stepped in. I used to host my own parties and would spin music that speaks to Soulphonetics, and that’s how I got involved.”

Soulphonetics was founded with the purpose of creating a scene specifically anchored in the traditions and contemporary sounds of Afro-Latin music that spans the scope of Bossa Brazilian Break Beats to Baile Funk to Batacuda to Samba Reggae while organically weaving in the electronic rhythms nestled in House and Latin Jazz grooves. They have succeeded in diversifying the breadth of their musical compendium by collaborating with and bringing  in world renowned DJs such as Maga Bo and Quantic, New York’s favorite Uproot Andy, and Chicago’s own Mwelwa, NewLife,  Sonorama, SoundCulture, and StarFoxxx. In addition to hosting live music and spoken word acts, which include Luciano Antonio, The Opposition Party, Planeta Azul, The Color Brown, and Zuzuka Poderosa, Passistas Samba Dance Group are always gracing the scene with their colorful, shimmering, kaleidoscopic costuming and rhythmically, hip-swaying Samba moves.

Previously housed at the Social Butterfly Club on Grand Avenue, Soulphonetics has moved to a spot that has less of an urban feel (for those of you who recall the Butterfly) to Taxim, a more eclectic lounge with ample dance space, flavorful hookah to appease any midnight palette, and a summertime rooftop that overlooks the city lights in the heart of Wicker Park.

“We like Taxim because it’s a fairly new music venue that we’re helping introduce to Chicago that simultaneously provides us with the space to be as musically creative as we want, ” says the Soulphonetics duo.

Given their growing popularity over the past three years, Soulphonetics has musically enlightened the collective consciousness by opening for international acts such as Les Nubians and Luisa Maita, by playing at major summer music festivals such as Summer Vibez,  and at a number of elite Chicago venues: too many to name here. They have held several residencies, most recently at the Underground Wonder Bar for a weekly event appropriately titled The International Love Affair, an intimate evening where they spun fused, global-lounge electronic beats. Listen below to get a taste of what Soulphonetics is about:

Whether you attend the 3-year-anniversary this Saturday which features Brooklyn-based, Venezuelian born PataFunk and Afro-Puerto Rican Nuestro Tambo, or one of their regular and monthly Dance Syndrome parties at Taxim (every last Saturday of the month), there is no doubt that Soulphonetics will make you unfurl your most dynamic self and your most gravitating dance moves!

You can follow Soulphonetics on facebook and on their twitter account: @soulphonetics.

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