By Alicia Denise Valtierra

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A few weeks ago, the White Sox held auditions in search of new hosts for their online show, Orgullo Sox: My White Sox World. Eleven lucky submissions had the opportunity to represent their favorite MLB team, as well as Chicago’s Latino community at U.S. Cellular Field.

Each contestant was interviewed and asked a series of questions to prove their loyalty and capability to the team and to be a host of Orgullo Sox. Some of these included questions about their favorite players and their favorite White Sox memories.

We were lucky enough to sit down and speak to the contestants about their feelings going in and coming out of the audition. Surprisingly, no one seemed nervous at all! Instead, they were all simply excited to be given the chance to audition, thanks to a lovely Thursday morning email from Gozamos, ;).

In exchange for being given this awesome opportunity, the contestants shared with us stories of their White Sox memories growing up. These varied from living in “The Home of the White Sox”, attending a White Sox babseball camp as a young lad, riding around the Stadium, honking horns and cheering when the White Sox won the ‘05 World Series, all the way to eating dinner with the one and only Minnie Minoso. How cool is that!

After a few hours of interviews, the White Sox marketing team invited four contestants back for a second audition: Luz Garcia, Lupita Alejandra, Carlos Mendez, and Hugo Romo. This is where it got real. The judges already found out the basics about these four hopefuls. This time around, they had to sell themselves as hosts. You could imagine how hard it must have been to try and decide between these young hip Latinos. So, this is where the White Sox is asking for your help. Their team has created their own video to showcase the personalities of these four participants. Check out both our videos and take a vote for yourself. They’re looking for one male and one female to take the lead. Who do you think has what it takes to represent the South Side?

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