Gozamos and Milwaukee had the rare chance to experience City Hall in a way that many would have never imagined for the ART Milwaukee March Jamboree.

ART Milwaukee took over the first and second floors of the city’s government chambers and turned it into an artistic mecca featuring live art, dance performances from Danceworks, body painting, exhibitions and a big reveal from Milwaukee artists, The Couto Brothers.

They revealed their largest piece to date, a three canvas colorful and vibrant abstract image of a shark with their signature “Couto” color kaleidoscopic style. It was definitely a hit as people posed in front of it with the artists as the night progressed.

The Couto Brothers are most widely known for their gift to the city, their mural on First and Pittsburgh in the Fifth Ward, and through this they have made quite a name for themselves in their short time in Milwaukee.

Gozamos Milwaukee spoke with the self-taught Brazilian bred brothers hailing from Brooklyn and various other corners of the world about the piece they revealed at the Jamboree, their artwork, inspiration and creating art together.

Both were raised in Brazil, have lived in both China and India, and have traveled extensively in Europe and Africa. Their cultural background and influences are a large part of why they create and what they are inspired by.

Check out their big reveal and what they had to say about their art, the scene, and Milwaukee in our interview with them at the ART Milwaukee City Hall Jamboree! For more information on the Couto Brothers check out their website www.coutoart.com.


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