Best interviews hands down have run a really wide range. From funky dance, hip-hop, punk and everything in between. We’ve been busy. From Chromeo to Van Hunt, Julieta Venegas, Rita Indiana, Rana Santa Cruz, Yago of Mujeres, Quantic, and Clorofila. Our profile on Mamacita was pretty dang popular and the young one’s Ethiopia and Danniel Radall were pretty dope. All in all I’d have to say we rocked the shit out of the music industry this year, and Rolling Stones, Pitchfork, and all them high-paying music reviewing magazines should be knocking on all our writers’ doors trying to snag them from us, but whatever man.  Of my personal favorites I feel like the most timely and compelling conversation came from Khaled, talking about all the upheaval in Libya and did you see that Chico Man one? wow! And hot dog, really though, A. Huizenga, what a woman.

But, what makes for a really good interview? I’d have to say your interviewee has to be equally invested in the conversation, at least as much as the interviewer. And trust me it’s hard. I know. How do you engage an artist, musician, everyday person in an inquisitive, probing yet casual and open-hearted manner? How do get anyone to open up to another human being? It’s tough stuff. So I commend everybody on staff for working their ass off this year and coming strong with poignant questions, and their all around rockstar knowledge.

To all our writers, but especially the music section nerds. I can’t say it enough. Thanks homies. All of you are A-list. Seriously. Mad props.


Your favorite neighborhood editor.

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