The bold wordsmiths at Gozamos did such an incredible job shedding much-needed light on some of the most challenging issues we faced in 2011 that it was hard to just pick 10. Check it and share it!

A Decaying Boricua Diaspora

By Xavier “Xavi” Luis Burgos
As time continues, less and less the children of Borinquen reside on our tragic Eden, despite the conviction that it remains our communal ‘home.’

9/11: How the War on Terror Became the War on Immigrants

By Jennifer Patiño
Because 19 men had hatred in their hearts 10 years ago, countless of us have been treated with hatred ever since.

Save Ethnic Studies

By Reyna Jacqueline Peña
Arizona’s House Bill 2281 has passed into law. Now, the battle to overturn is on.

The Latest Fake Victory in the Women War

By Sharlene Newman
The latest GOP-backed bill to deny federal funds to Planned Parenthood is another attack on women’s health care.

How I Spent My Osama-Is-Dead

By Lenny DeFranco
The only way Americans are celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden is with boorish, hubristic fantasizing. At least, that’s what the TV told me.

The Other September 11th

By Sharlene Newman
38 years ago Chilean President Salvador Allende died under suspicious circumstances.

Call to Action: Free Oscar López Rivera

By Xavier “Xavi” Luis Burgos
Oscar López Rivera is a political prisoner that history cannot forget.

Broke Chicago: Street Soldiers (Homeless Heroes)

By Hel F. Kiernan
Chicago has two faces, and she doesn’t like to show off her scarred side. Gozamos’ new column Broke Chicago takes a look at the the life of a homeless veteran.

Tea Party in Fantasy Land

By Lenny DeFranco
By firing CEO Vivian Schiller, NPR cowardly agreed that current Republican discourse is beyond reproach. This author refuses to live in such a world.

Will People With aConscience Please Stand Up?

By Christina E. Rodriguez
Chicago’s future decided by only 22 percent of population

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