At Tu Cultura, we love talking about two things: politics and living la vida Latina. From “hood” life to being a Latino buddhist, Tu Cultura writers eloquently capture the diversity of being Latino. This year several new writers in particular blew up Tu Cultura, including Raven “the writing maven” Rodriguez, the always hilarious and thought-provoking satirist El Guapo, the intellectual real-talk from Ilene Palacios, and the raw words and imagery from Jenine Arteaga, Marissa Garcia, and Mark Corece–not to mention the Gozamos veterans who’ve been an inspiration since the beginning. One of the highlights of this year was partnering up with News Taco, without a doubt the best source of Latino news out there. Un brindis for all your great work this year, and here’s to 2012!

It’s All Good “In the Hood”

By Raven Rodriguez
What growing up in the hood means to one new Gozamos writer

Oh, But I Wasn’t Trying to Be Offensive or Anything

By Ilene D. Palacios
Covert racism, politics & Halloween

Lessons From Mama Bear

By Reyna Jacqueline Peña
Recollections on the natural strength of single mothers

Latina Buddhist

By Jenine Arteaga
In many Mexican homes, to be Catholic/Christian is not a choice. You’re simply born into the religion and to ask questions about other spiritualities is a personal attack on your family’s decency, pride and culture. Check out one Latina Buddhist’s story and get a brief glimpse into Buddhism.

Becoming A Woman, the Latina Way

By Marissa Garcia
A quinceanera nearly didn’t happen for me. It could have happened lots of ways, but in my case, it started by accident.

America “The Great?” Put That Foam Finger Down For a Moment

By El Guapo
El Guapo, the one-man Latino Onion, reflects on the countless ways politicians try to out-patriot each other.

News Taco: Latino Nerds

By Eres Nerd, originally posted on News Taco.
Latino nerds are like other nerds–but different.

Distant Guise: An Outsider’s Perspective From Within Mexico City

By Mark Corece
A stunning collection of photographs of Mexico City

Heroes In The Dark

By Reyna Jacqueline Peña
Political dissent, toy soldiers and a childhood Memorial Day visit to an American Legion chapter in La Villita are recalled.

Or Maybe I Can’t Talk Right?

By Ilene D. Palacios
I’m quite certain that my Spanish accent is a contrived bastard.

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