Plain and simple, it has been one hell of a year for our extraordinary Arts & Entertainment contributors. We’ve decked out our A&E pages with brilliant interviews from world renowned artists and local superstars. We’ve reviewed amazing theater and gave you an exclusive look into the Chicago Latino Film Festival. We’ve compiled quite a sexy set of 2011 mind’s eye candy, but here’s the best of the best, part one, because one good turn deserves another…

Artist Profile: Sam Kirk

This is the yes and the y’all. Lucy sits down with local renaissance woman and 100% badass, Sam Kirk. Revisit this gem to see them discuss how to keep art accessible and what makes Pilsen such a perfect place to live and work while improving the importance of the state of the art as well as the art of the statement.

Interview: Shepard Fairey invades Chicago


Yes, that’s me talking shop with street art pioneer and legendary OBEYGIANT, Shepard Fairey. Had I known ahead of time that I was actually going to be on camera with such an icon, I would have cleaned myself up a bit…well, at least shaved my scruffy-ass beard…

Interview: Ricardo Gamboa and his Border Jump-Off Spoof Series

Jose Luis chats up comedic genius and activist Ricardo Gamboa in a compelling interview that sees topics range across the billowing board; from the New York/Chicago compare and contrast to the theater of the oppressed, this piece will make you laugh, think and reconsider everything all in one symbiotic swoop.

So, there you have Part One of our A&E Best Of for 2011. Tune yourself in for Part Two of this year’s best pieces pertaining to the pertinent world of arts and entertainment. From all of us on the A&E Team: thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy!

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