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Rodeo Rocks Rosemont

The Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois was transformed from indoor stadium to Mexican rodeo complete with metal fences and a sand floor for the Juan Sebastian show. The “king of the rodeo” shared his stage with outspoken singer Paquita.

Paquita la del Barrio, or Franny from the neighborhood, plowed through her set not speaking much in between songs to not put her foot in her mouth as in the past. She’s rumored to often teases the men in the audience but this wasn’t apparent this time around. She sang her hits “Rata de Dos Patas” and “Me Saludas a la Tuya” and of course “Tres Veces Te Engane.” She closed her set by walking down to the audience and circling around the front row to greet fans.

Joan Sebastian knew how to make an appearance by arriving on horseback. He flexed his vocal chords with ranchera-pop music while holding the stallion steady. He belted out “Tatuajes” and “El Peor de Tus Antojos” as the crowds screamed. He eventually dismounted his horse to take to the stage and play acoustic guitar in his sparkly suit. He spoke of his friendship with Vicente Fernandez and working with him Otra Vez. This prolific songwriter and producer has won multiple awards including many Grammys and the Billboard Hall of Fame Award, making 37 albums to date. Joan proved he is an old pro and still works a crowd better than performers half his age.

Both acts started in the ‘70s and continue to inspire a whole new generation. Many parents brought their children that evening to show them a classic Mexican heritage complete with a rodeo and ranchera music.

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