Announcing Mathieu Santos’ Solo –but Not Alone- Arrival

It is a common phenomena when members of famous or acclaimed bands come to the realization that they have enough talent and fans to branch out on their own solo career. Mathieu Santos, bassist of the revered chamber pop band Ra Ra Riot has reached this point in his artistic journey. Santos is currently on tour with Ra Ra Riot to promote his first solo album Massachusetts 2010 out on Barsuk Records now. He and Ra Ra Riot will be in Chicago’s Metro on November 18, 2011 featuring Delicate Steve and Yellow Ostrich.

“I Can Hear the Trains Coming,” the debut single for the album, is a synthed-out airy dance tune apt for experimental music lovers of all ages. The song and its music video are preoccupied with technology. Santos’ airy vocals state, “I know the digerati agree/You never said you’d be up to it.” In these two mediums, Santos illustrates the difficulties of relating to others in meaningful and tangible ways in a world driven by information technology where missed connections abound. Yet any anxieties about the digital age a quickly overcome and turned into a synth ode to technology –with a sampling of the now ancient dial-up sound and all.

While this is Santos’ first solo record, it does not signal a break from Ra Ra Riot. In fact, the inspiration for this stint came directly from his band. During the recording of their last album, Mathieu found himself with enough inspiration to fulfill his Ra Ra Riot duties and write all of the songs that comprise Massachusetts 2010. This only goes to show ya that Santos has always been ready to take on the world. “I Can Hear the Trains Coming” perfectly announces the arrival of Santos’ promising newfound knowledge.

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