Dubstep delights Skream & Benga at the Mid

Ok y’all. This one was the a banger-est banger of them all. Ollie “Skream” Jones is only 24 and from Croydon… where ever that is, but bringing the best in dubstep. Rumor has it the last time they strutted through Chicago they tore up the Mid. If you were there last time and wanna catch a glimpse to see if you popped up in their video, please, by all means, check it out here, and for photos, oh well, here you go.

Skreams life long buddy, and also 24 year old homeboy Benga promised a hell of a night. With these two lovely dudes heading up the evening there’s no doubt everybody had the best time. I But, I think I was most excited about local DJ Belly. Download some of his chill-grind thug nasty dub right here yo. And have you scene the love and devotion that DJ Solo fans have? Some Solo fans asked him to do a set up in Idaho Falls, ID and flew him out to slam it hard and Mario Bros style. One fan, Jeramy, even has Solo tatted up on his arm. I mean with sexy white boys tatting your artist name on their bodies, you know it was the hotness.


Fer uz that don’t know DJ Solo is better known as the Chicago bread, Dave Abrams, of the Cypress Hill associated Soul Assassins, a rumored wizard, Nintendo fiend, as well as rapper, producer and visual artist. Aw snap. Das right. Homie’s a modern day renaissance man.

Dubstep has made its mark on the universe and some DJ’s have even made their mark on cute dudes in Idaho. Seriously, if you didn’t go to this one, you’re probably already regretting it. With DJ Belly heading it up from the corn fields of Urbana, Illinois and the raging sounds of Croydon (still no clue where that is, but it sounds like a kingdom in Narnia or something), this global sound hit the Chi with full force.

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