If you happened to miss them during their last time around or if their performances and songs didn’t clearly show that they enjoy the partying lifestyle being on the road demands, Davila 666 will begin another tour of epic proportions through the gutters of North America (yep, that includes Mexico and Canada) starting September 2011.

To give you an idea of what to expect, their last tour spanned four months and a staggering eighty shows with established garage rock greats like The Spits, Reigning Sound and Nobunny. The first leg of their upcoming tour includes a promising partnership with Cheap Time. Plus, it will feature stops in rock’n’roll dead zones like Reno, Laredo and Bloomington. They’ll be stopping at The Empty Bottle on a Monday night in October, so leave your salsa shoes at home and be sure to call in sick to work before you get to the show.

Sir Charles Davila formed Davila 666 back in 2005 and he has more or less shaped the band into its riotous self by hand picking its members and acting as the brains behind the music. They have gone from playing house parties in Puerto Rico to being managed by Vice Records, a leading name in everything pop culture. It would be an impossible endeavor to try to count the number of DIY rock and roll bands that dream of being famous enough to deserve attention from Vice.

Their music and performances are an anthem to being young and free and doing everything full force. “Obsesionao”  honors this tradition by focusing on kinks. The song opens with a longer than usual glam intro that’s got just enough grittiness to contain their devilish essence. In the chorus the singer proclaims “me siento tan sucio que me/te emociono. Tu diras obsesionao” (I feel so dirty I/you get excited, you could say obsessed). The object of the song seems to be to the enticing of the object of one’s affection into one’s kinks. The singer goes on to describe dressing up, dirtying up of sheets and undressing. Yet, amongst all this kinkiness he claims that “cuando tu lleges me encontraras hablando de amor” (when you get there you’ll find me speaking of love). Double-entendre aside, how much does love factor in with the free exploration of one’s and other’s sexuality? Is it like the chicken and egg conundrum or a commentary on current state of affairs? Seems to me like Davila 666’s upcoming tour might be the perfect time to embark on a research project on the subject. See them live at The Empty Bottle on Monday, October 24th.