He started as Chicago’s Most Wanted. He’s one of our city’s most revered graffiti artists. And now, Revise has envisioned a show with friends Uriel Correa and Sam Alcarez to occupy the raw vintage space at Talman & Washington. Vision actualized.

Revise’s body of work sort of speaks for itself. If you know him and his style, you know what to expect from his end. Still, all sorts of pop up surprises are in store. One thing that won’t surprise anyone in attendance is the quality of work and the uniqueness of the collection from all three artists.

Uriel’s beyond contemporary, futuristic awesomeness promises to be worth the trip alone. He is showing two series: “One set of drawings called ancient astronauts – futuristic humanoids from the past and the other’s a lifecycle of death and spirits where giant fluorescent rats eat these effeminate shadows who in return group, kill the rats making them regurgitate the shadows into spirits who come back to earth as the effeminate shadows. So both themes are definitely mythological.”

Mythological, metaphysical hella visual goodness.

An art collection from three untapped resources of Chicago, a tamale truck and a performance from Aleks and The Drummer provide a Friday night better than whatever the hell you had planned.

Besides, who doesn’t love a good buy and walk, anyway?


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