Album Review: Ghetto-tech Jukerz Beware, Leatherface slaughters all on Tales of a Jukesaw

Y’all don’t even know. This some French-kiss Chicago-style juke. From that unholy windup “Heaxachord” to the sugar-and-smoke pop jam credit closing “The Stars,” Booty Call Records slams it hard with the ghetto-tech triumph, Tales of the Jukesaw. A dark and ominous adventure through Texas Chainsaw massacring sounds, Leatherface creeps into the decapitating beats with Hannabal the Cannibal elegance and style. This dark-rave gothatron saga unfurls with delightful metaphores on bone chilling tracks like “The Crypt Reefer,” for all you late night 90’s Tales from the Crypt loving goons, this one’s for you. The ride is slow and not all together as exhilarating as you’d expect on the first two slithering singles, but by the time you make it through you’re due intros and plot pilers, the more epic “Drug Dealer” sets our hero on his adventure.

No here’s where the horror story starts to sink fangs and claws into spines. Running the blade delicately across your throat, the steady rise of “I Wish” will leave you weak at the knees. All you Baby Cry floor grinders will really have something to cry about on “Blow Off Yo Azz,” another haunting paranoid stoner pulse-racer. “Creatura” comes back to the cathedral chanting we tasted on Heaxachord, but this time with the climax and slaughter in full sight. The blood bath is waiting, y’all ready to take a dip?

And just when you’re ready for the axe, we’re jarred by a strange Tarantino interlude, along the more GameBoy digital side of things, the jazziness of “Inseguimento” took me to Miles Davis “Bitches Brew,” but I’m still not sure if this one belongs with the rest. I solid jungle bass background makes for an odd placement among the previous monster mash, but we’ll let it slide, only cuz I can already hear some Ghetto Division mixing this one up into something more devilish. After that brief intermission, we’re back on the “Chase” with a raggae raver, that asserts Leatherface’ diversity. We thought this was gonna be a ghetto-goth grind all the way through but, the lights switch on and we see everybody is steadfast emerging from their 7 deadly sins. And for all you dark eyeliner, black fingernail polish lovers, “Don’t Be Mad At Me” drives the knife deep, with Michael Myers threatening pianos.

Something between Ed Banger SebastiAn and darker mulling sounds like Teehnbwitches, all you slasher fiends will walk out alive, but your booties will have surely been ┬áslain by Leatherface’ beastly performance on Tales of the Jukesaw.


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