Here’s a small festival in Pilsen to wind up your weekend. Something in between a block party and the multitude of festivals hitting Chicago since Lolla, Pitch and the upcoming banger, North Coast. Looks like it’s gonna be a good weekend. Presented by The Resurrection Project in support and celebration of their upcoming off site university student dorm to be located at the very location of the festival, 18th St. and 18th Place on Paulina, across the street from the 18th Street Pink Line stop.

The street festival will include printmaking workshops, silk-screening, face paint and dance by the National Museum of Mexican Art. The name of the multi-university dormitory, La Casa aims to create a live and learn community for first generation college students, providing internships, art and computer labs as well as high school student oriented programing to foster future education.

What a party!  With plenty to celebrate, come out and support. Enjoy Gozamos’ hand picked petite playlist of some of the festival highlights.

The first time I saw these guys perform I almost fell off me chair, Grupo Fantasma has it all. Effortlessly combining funk, mambo, merengue and cumbia this band is ruthless in their ensemble performance.

We’ve been hearing a lot from our hunky Chicago bread band, Los Vicios de Papa. These reggae-ska rockers are going places. We’re proud to claim them as our own.

Cumbia delight, Quinto Imperio hits the stage with their best.

Velorio is an bilingual alt rock band from the west coast. Also including performances by Root Rockers, Unidos Por Son, Fandanguero and DJ sets to bump along to all evening.


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