FMEL is back, blasting circuit bending sound waves

The experimental video and audio festival, FMEL (Festival de Música Electrónica Latina) is back in action. Having missed them last year, get your art nerd specks on and prepare for some of the finest audiovisual artists from Latin America to rock your world with presentations, lectures, film screenings and DJ sets by some of the most innovative and inspiring artists, working hard to push boundaries and redefine their respective fields. FMEL is one of Chicago’s finest avant festival, remaining open, accessible and inviting to art-freaks and curious youth, electro fans and experimental aficionados. FMEl plays on the cutting edge.

FMEL ushering Chicago into the global arena with their high-concept low-fi, digital connections. Aiming to not only challenge concepts of electronic music, digital art and audiovisuals, but aiming to expand the local Latino communities relation and understanding of Latin American art and influence. FMEL not only nudges at interconnectivity, they implement it, bringing together  a fine roster of international artists, all in Chicago for a festival unlike anything around the world. FMEL fosters dialogue, experimentation, play and professionalism in an art world that can often at times seem frivolous.

Providing a platform for exchange, exposure, fusion and diffusion of information and ideas, FMEL provides a unique cultural space, a truly unique alternative to mainstream festivals and public images of Latinidad. This year the festival hits on topics of internet broadcasting and circuit bending, in their efforts to broaden cultural horizons. FMEL connects eclectic audiences while aiming to educate and inspire, promote and share the multidisciplinary art of digital artists on the new frontier, all with a gaze towards Mexico City, a city on the forefront of sound art and digital play.

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Gozamos presents a little taste of some of the artists and sonic variance coming at you.

For the full festival schedule of events hit up, and at

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