Album Review: Bestial Mouths’ offal wrenching new-goth, Hissing Veil

Julie Taymor’s Titus may be an adequate image for the first track of Hissing Veil by the harrowing new-goth band, Bestial Mouth. As the opening, “QUIJADA” draws images of a broken jaw bone or perhaps the percussion instrument by the same name, vocalist Lynette Cerezo yowls in like so many seagulls invading a shore, picking at the end trails of some fish carcass strummed back and forth by languid waves. Suddenly the alarm clock wakes us from our tepid nightmare and we find ourselves “WEAVING MIRRORS” with our routine morning rush, feeling the incubus persist into day, the reflection of morning shaves and tooth paste dribbling down into the sinks is our eternal loop.

Hissing Veil by Bestial Mouths

Bestial Mouth clamours with baying vocals, industrial sound collage synths and pernicious percussion on their newly released, punk–wave macabre Hissing Veil. Akin to the delightfully doleful Mother of Guts though less woebegone and a little more more acerbic in their proclamation, Hissing Veils ranges between Agitpop’ Feast of the Sunfish yet more focused, and Bauhaus with less twang. Christopher Myrick’s synth-play on this album is on par with Lou Reed’s 1975 Metal Music Machine. Where the drum rolls of Young Widow’s In and Out of Youth and Lightness fall short Ebrahim Saleh more than compensates and compliments with primal beats reminiscent of Russian punk rockers, Ûàæäàíñêàÿ îáî›îíà without the dredge of ska or blues murking up the trenchant tones. And of course, one could not end without noting the mordacious Cerezo, whose gabbling caw sends shivers of panging pleasure up spines, not unlike Chelsea Wolfe yet far more vitriolic.

Bestial Mouths – Loplop by Family Time

On the whole, Weekend’s latest album Sport may be the only thing comparing in force and intent. At times sounding like Native American chants, the howling sound art meets guttural goth-core on “SHIMMERING ILLS” and “FLEW UP IN BIRDS” reach and wrench at the offal organs of our animal nature. What may sound rancorous in Bestial Mouth is actually their virulence. Title track “HISSINGVEILS,” raps scathing poetic justice to some ominous tragedy. “YES A GREAT SILENCE” calls out like an electronic body music anthem while, “RATTLING THE TEETH.” Released August 10th, on DAIS Records Hissing Veils, is Bestial Mouths’ debut full length album but you can snag some of their earlier work such as the split 7” w/ Blessure Grave on Silencio/Family Time.

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