The as of yet untitled new album, currently in the final edits and mastering process, will be made up of several genres. What will it be? Rancheros? Boleros? Salsa? Pop? A diva glitter ball for sure. La India confirms her ease and comfort working with Juan Gabriel, and boasts this is the album of her life. “Escucharán a una cantante con un sentido interpretativo nuevo, superior, y todo gracias a la dirección del maestro Juan Gabriel que ha logrado hacerme cantar como nunca antes,” her publicist release. Get ready for a new and improved, musical interpretation and passionate intent from La India, claiming Gabriel helped her reach new levels of vocal mastery and success. Magic in the making.

With that kind of promise and training, we can’t wait for this release. But more importantly I’m foreseeing some stellar combo outfits, with lots of sequins. La “Princesa de la Salsa” has teamed up with one of Mexico’s greatest galanes to create musical and hair history. Puerto Rican and Mexican god’s rarely collaborate in the pantheon of celestial deities, but the stars have aligned for the forthcoming untitled collision between La India and Juan Gabriel. It’s gonna be a good one. With classics like “Dicen que soy” and “Vivir lo nuestro” under her belt, we can only speculate at what marvels a coalition with Gabriel might unfold. These relentless divas are on fire.

We’ll let you know the second the album’s name and drop date are released. I promise, I’m just as excited about this one as you.

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