Mana brought the drama and lights to their concert at the Allstate Arena last night. Chicago is lucky enough to have two Mana shows this week. Selling out the venue is no small accomplishment and the fans were in force to see them. It has been four years since the group has been on tour.

A clear gauze curtain covered the Mexican band for the entire first song “Lluvia Al Corazon” with rain projected on it. This was used throughout the evening to feature everything from fire to cathedrals on it.

They went international on “”LatinoAmerica” with flags and video from around the world. They used a local guitarist to help them then followed that with a lengthy drum solo by Alex Gonzalez.
Fher and the boys moved to the back of the room for an acoustic set with songs such as “Vivir Sin Aire” and “Como Te Deseo.”

They then moved back to the front set up where the lead singer rolled on the stage for “Clavado En Un Bar” and donned a Mexican soccer shirt as flags were waved.

For almost three decades these rockers have brought incredible live shows and this did not disappoint. With this weather it looks like they will be fighting the rain and heat again tonight! For more Drama Y Luz visit

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