Club music as an offset of the global kick off phenomena of Chicago house music, would not be half of what it is without the legendary tropical and jungle house vibe of Argentina’s renown Hernán Cattaneo. A probable inspiration for more emergent, minimalist dance artists like Matias Aguayo and the likes, Gattaneo rings a jangling mix of dub and world house into focus with his long career and wide vision. Where as house can sometimes translate into the monotonous visages of yesteryear’s vintage vinyl collections and mixtapes (back when people actually mixed… tapes), Cattaneo  provides a context and continual flow towards ever rising dance beat glory.

The end is definitely never in sight for a DJ with the chops and history, the know how and the gusto to make it work. And Cattaneo just keeps going, and going, like the energizer bunny on a downtempo slide through ecstasy induced fits of baile bonanzas. As if his monumental rise to house stardom wasn’t interesting enough, Cattaneo has even been a reviewer for URB, BPM and Rolling Stone’s latin-american edition. It’s exactly that kind of avid and overt criticality and acute sensibility that makes Hernán a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s bobbing to the dunks and side passes of his 90’s house flare or slamming down the encyclopedia house-tronica, electro has never been the same.

Born in Buenos Aires listening to Depeche Mode and New Order, and as the story goes, having fallen into Chicago house master Frankie Knuckes albums, Cattaneo became a staple pioneer of the techno-house craze that would rock Latin America and the world ever since. Since his resident DJ days at Clubland, the dance wave beats flourished the global guru into the galaxy.

Friday, July 1st,  Mayhem at the Mid: Hernan Cattaneo! The veteran DJ and producer returns to Chicago with Panic Bomber, Ben Brown, and Martin Stoy rounding out the night. Tickets are on sale now at

Renaissance Masters: Parallel Promo – Night mix by hernancattaneo

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