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All you sap loving fools, your favorite band Aventura takes third on the Latin Soundscan Report by Billboard, for their compilation 14 + 14, with hit singles such as “Cuándo Volverás,” “Obsesión”, and their latest “The Last.” And if Aventura isn’t enough for you, try mixing bachata with Mexican rancheros as brothers JannyMarco cross genres on their pop-fusion. Check out their video for “Ella” right here. Ephrem J dropped a new video for “Me Entrego” With their new single “Hoy te vas conmigo”, this hotty takes Top 40 on Dolfijn FM.
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Dragón & Caballero were on Sabado Gigante this past Saturday. How Don Gigante is still alive is beyond me. I swear I remember watching that guy when I was in the womb. But, like Babe Ruth said in the epic tale The Sandlot, “Hero’s get remembered. Legends never die.” If you’re into that corney bachata stuff, checkout D & G’s video for “El Toque del Amor” here, supposedly these guys are famous for their sensual lyrics and inoffensive appeal to the ladies. Me, I’m more turned on by dirty talking punks who wanna spank me, but to each his own. If you’re into the cheesy, pretty boy, fresa mirrey look, these guys are for you. Word is they’ll be on tour with every mom’s favorite, Marc Anthony.


Listen to the latest from Sonido Electral, coming hard with the best in that Mexico City hipster-crazed, electro cumbia. No hipster collection would be complete without the queer-mongering classics, CSS who just drop a new single, “Hits Me Like a Rock” (download here) from their forthcoming album La Liberación. Checkout the album art and advanced track list. Looks god kids. I’m geeked.
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Chilean alt rockers, Oh Margot! dropped their debut EP with five songs recorded in Santiago de Chile as anticipated preludes to their forthcoming album. Download the EP here and check out the new video tease from Los Petardos! A Coco rockabilly beach roll dropping soon. All you swooning light indie-pop lovers be sure to save the date, Ximena Sarinana is opening for SIA on Friday, July 22 at the METRO $25 / 18 & over / Doors: 7:00PM / Show: 8:00PM. Does anybody except me remember Ximena from all those telenovelas I grew up with? Wasn’t she always the mean prissy white fresa? How’d she end up becoming a sugar pop indie singer? Oh wait, I think I just answered my own question. Oh, well I dig her music anyways.


Everybodies favorite midwest act, Atmosphere will be in Chicago at Lollapalooza on 8/6 and the Metro special set 8/5 with the rap rebel Blueprint. Blueprint rocked us this year with the release of his hard hitting Gozamos-loved, Adventures in Counter Culture. Don’t miss this set my hip hop heads. Also on the roster are RSE artists Evidence (of Dilated Peoples, album forthcoming), and Sab The Artist. Peep some Atmosphere videos here. In other news, new kids on the block, The White House Band dropped the controversial “Wasup!” check out the MTV banned video.


Godzilla roaring flower power hippy-hipsters Woods will be at Subterranean on 7/16. Check out their roaring psychedelics on “Find Them Empty.” Moving from the Woodstock wannabe’s to more 90’s romantic comedy pop, you’ll surely get a kick out of the new single from Dent May, “Fun”  They’ll also be passing through Chicago with Real Estate on 07/17 at SubT.>Another forgettable indie alt rock nobody band, Yuck releases their Adam and Eve themed collage video for “Shook Down” with another hemp milk single, “Milkshake,” not to be confused with the Kelis class. For those more folk rock and beach boy loving indie-sters you might enjoy the whopping 9 minute, 3 song Live Video Session rampage of Cuckoo Chaos at Chasing the Moon, scroll through Chasing the Moon’s video archive and you’ll find a nifty recording of Thao and Mirah performance as well.

Once you’ve had your fill of fluffy indie roles, don’t miss out on White Denim at Schubas on 6/30. Meanwhile, Dam Mantle reeps and creeps with their gravel dark video here, and enjoy their ambient indie-hop beat single, “Not a Word”. Dam Mantle’s forthcoming EP WE drops July 25 on GETME! Records. Dam Mantle really surprised me with this one. I wasn’t expecting such a dingy and sultry track in “Not a Word.” Definitely the kind of thing you wanna murk around a Sunday night to. Another surprising darling, though less dark or mysterious, is Cuckoo Chaos again with their stellar single, “Jesus Flag American Fish.” Cuckoo Chaos takes this weeks indie-surprise award. If you’re a vinyl fiend, make sure you get your hand son a copy of their debut 7” of “Jesus Flag American Fish” available July 26 from Lefse Records. For a more upbeat chillwave meets indie-hop beat, peep the video for “Lessons” by Motorboater or listen here.


The spontaneous Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Mozambique influenced band Freshlyground, better known for their collaboration with Shakira on the 2010 FIFA World Cup theme song, yeah the Wacka Wacka one, will be at Millennium Park in Chicago on June 30th for their debut North American tour, at 6:30pm. And on July 12 the Empty Bottle hosts the remarkable Mali blues desert jammer, Khaira Arby and Her Band with Delicate Steve. Tix: $13 advance, $15 day of show. Doors open at 8:30.

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