Peter Pan’s Neverland ain’t got nothing on KIDCITY. A fantasy world of winter fairytales meet two weathered 21-year-olds, Kelly Ann and Caleb, in the outskirts of Toronto. Title track “Bloody Face” experiments with heavy Dr. Dre drabness, opening the EP with an incredibly doleful dose of dark beats. Hip-hop contrasts electro alien abductions throughout. Kelly Ann sounds like Enya and Evanescence on a trip-hop journey through the underworld. KIDCITY’s self-defined sound, “clip-hop” offers classic, celtic pop echoes, and overloaded sub symphonics.

The soulful second, “Blackened” clips straight from lullaby synth nightmares, while the arctic dub ‘n base forms ice around your ears on the sallow complected “Phryne.” The song calls like the Greek courtesan herself, with cautious vulnerability and dangerous presentation. Explosive ghetto-goth chamber drums announce the celestial, “Insurance,” calling the heavens for assistance. Meanwhile the contrary “All Grown Up, challenges the premise of KIDCITY’s infantile Narnia dreaming, with a magical escape from uncertainty, with its dramatic intro, stark drums and elegant windups. But, the grand finale, “Values” sends us back into the adventure of this EP with a unique pop-hop utterance.

Few albums this year have confused and inspired the way this EP has frozen my heart. You can download the entire experience here:

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