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Viva Vegas

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What does Las Vegas mean for tourism? Literally, the words translate to “The Meadows” in English. Located in the middle of the Mohave, there’s nary a meadow to be seen. In fact, the only green in Las Vegas is the cash money used for gambling away, eating at high end restaurants, and visiting spectacular shows. Sin City makes a tempting getaway for a vacationer since it never seems to sleep and has a warm climate.

While it may be easy for a traveler to go through money like water in the desert, try spending your hard earned dollars on things that make more lasting memories than a slot machine.
Begin your visual journey with Viva Elvis. Brought to you by Cirque du Solei, Viva Elvis is a fun, light show about the King’s life with dancing and singing his many hits.

For fans that crave even more shaking, try an experience that is unique with Jabbawockeez.  This white masked dance crew break the rules and their show has been extended until November at the Monte Carlo.

Coming soon, look for Absinthe where high wire acrobats and circus performers flip out on the strip. After interviewing the Gazillionaire on the red carpet, I learned the show is strictly for adults with fire and burlesque dancers in a 100-year-old tent with mirrors covering every angle at Caesars Palace. While you are there, have some comfort food at Munchbar that serves late night then switch to breakfast food the next morning.

During the day recharge your batteries at Vdara Spa and Salon with their French Lavender Massage. Crystals at CityCenter containing all the brands that label junkies can hope for from GUCCI to Prada. The Louis Vuitton store is the largest in North America. Channel your inner Paris Hilton and pick up a leather pet carrier at the only United States location of Roberto Cavalli’s pet line. Take a break in the middle of shopping is to have lunch at Julian Serrano. The crew was very friendly and helpful when trying out Spanish influenced tapas. For dessert the churros with homemade chocolate sauce were a fulfilling treat.

If a view with dinner is required, there is no better place than Nove Italiano above the Palms Casino. Sip on a Pomagranita and indulge in some of the finest Italian cooking that is found on the strip. If you don’t want to go down to the strip to gamble you can go to onlineslotscasinos.co and play online casino games.

Another dining option is the upscale L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. Guests eat around the U-shaped bar to watch the cuisine being prepared at this establishment. The chef is world-renowned and it is no wonder why. Signature dishes include lamb chops and steak tartar.

For entertainment, bring your pop culture junkie friends and solve the crime at CSI: The Experience. Head to the Luxor and see the inside of a human in Bodies or walk next door to view the inside of the most famous shipwreck with the Titanic.

Continue your night on the town with Peepshow at Planet Hollywood starring Holly Madison as Bo Peep. This risqué eye opener has grown into a cultural phenomenon.

Speaking of shedding some clothes, if you are looking for a clothing optional spot for men check out Blue Moon and try out their ultimate pass with huge discounts. KRAVE nightclub is the hottest gay club on the strip with theme nights to please all types. If a couple is ready to settle down, the Bellagio resort offers commitment ceremonies for the LGBT community. Maybe one day we can get hitched like everyone else in a drive thru!

There is something for everyone in this desert oasis that will make lasting memories no matter what an individual decides to indulge in.Remember: gratuity is always appreciated in this town from valet to masseuse so be ready with cash on hand at all times to grease the palm at The Palms.

What does Las Vegas mean to you? It means a break from the day-to-day humdrum life. With direct flights from almost anywhere, what are you waiting for? Get there before the desert rises to a boiling point this summer.

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