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Sour Soul is a band on the move. Musically, the Mexico City quartet took a severe sonic turn on their latest album. February’s L’appel du Vide swapped the Beatlesque euphony of their classic rock-inspired debut, Liquid Sky Divers, for a slinky, steamier groove. On May 8th, they will set ablaze all the contradictions and quirks they’re known for in a set at the Double Door. 

Every indication foretells a great, energetic set. To start with, they rock. Few bands attack their songs with as much unabashed exuberance as Sour Soul. In a music scene dominated by irony, this band’s tight, lively arrangements are refreshing. Singer Marco Paul’s jet-fueled voice is nothing short of extraordinary, bristling with energy and verve even on the record. The band’s ferocious drive is palpable in rockers like “Psychedelic Times,” and they masterfully establish grooves in burners like “She Lies.” In the flesh, the combination should blow, essentially, up.

We at Gozamos expect the same of the band’s career. Catch them at the Double Door while you can; if there is any justice in the world, on their next national jog their reputations will precede them.

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  1. One of the best bands on tour right now. Very very soon they will be a household name!

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