On Friday, May 13 Bridgeport’s Co-Prosperity Sphere Cultural Center, at 219 South Morgan St., will hold the opening for Riders, an art show celebrating Mexican Ranch culture, as seen through the life of the Gonzalez Family. Although the family primarily lives in urban Chicago, they maintain a tight-knit community on their rural Indiana ranch. On display will be photography, video, painting, installations and performances. The work will explore the beauty and craftsmanship of the rancher experience.

Johanna Wawro and Andy Resek spent a year with various members of the Gonzalez family, both in the city and on their ranch in Rensselaer, Indiana. Wawro and Resek previously joined forces for My Funhouse, a photo and video installation exploring identity within the Juggalo subculture. Wawro will be displaying her photographs, while Resek will be presenting a 3-screen documentary film piece. The show also showcases a performance by renowned sculpture/Installation artist Juan Angel Chavez, fresh off his featured presence at Art Chicago, and airbrush work by Angel Cruz, a Oaxacan-born artist. The opening night of the show will feature custom branding of wood or leather items brought by attendees, mariachi music, a live horse, DJ Dubatonik of Radioglobal and DJ collective Sonorama spinning cumbias, tropical and latin funk .

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