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Natalie Nunn from Oxygen Channel’s Bad Girls Club season four is back on a new show. Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too returns for a second season with a new concept, new Bad Girls and 15 new men.  Let’s see if Cupid strikes twice as Nunn talks to Nunn.

Gozamos: Hi, Natalie. Did your people tell you my name is the same as yours?
Natalie Nunn: I can’t believe it! That is the coolest thing ever.

I have a crazy story for you. I approached an interview with you on Facebook, set it up and it wasn’t you. It said official Natalie Nunn page but not true.
NN: You know what’s funny? I don’t have a Facebook page. I had one but it got deleted because I had too many pending requests. I needed to start a fan page. I feel like Facebook is more personal and Twitter is for everybody. People tell me that all the time that they talked to me on Facebook.

No they didn’t! That’s not you and that is not good for your fans to think that.
NN: People have actually done interviews and said they were me. I need to do something about that…

Where is your family from?
NN: Originally my family is from the Bay Area. My mom is adopted and her side of the family is from New York. Her mom and dad were Puerto Rican and from the Bronx. She was adopted at birth then brought to California. My dad’s dad is Brazilian descent. We spent many summers in Brazil with my grandpa. We are all from the Bay Area. That is where I was born, raised and went to school my whole life. I came to LA to go to college.

Nunn is an Irish name.
NN: My mom’s parents that adopted her were Irish. Her birth parents name’s are Rodriguez. She’s Puerto Rican but was raised in an Irish family. It’s crazy!

Do you speak other languages?
NN: I speak Spanish. My grandparents kept the whole Spanish culture in their house.

People may not know that you went to college and have a formal education.
NN: Before reality television, before Bad Girls Club and Hair Battle that I was on for Oxygen for a cameo and all the drama, if you googled me it was soccer and track star.  That’s what life consisted of before that because I went to UIC on a track scholarship. You have to go ten pages in to find that out with all of the websites out there. My real diehard fans and followers know that.

Love Games is a dating show correct?
NN: It’s a dating game show. It’s a competition. The rules have changed since the first season. People will get the rules and layout of how it will be played on the first episode. Tanisha Thomas is the hostess. She breaks it down in her Bad Girl funky way. This season is amazing. It flows and makes sense.

Are there challenges?
NN: Yes, and for me I wasn’t the lovie dovie, boy crazy person. I was more of a Bad Girl. There was drama and talking shit. Obviously, nothing has changed (laughs). The show is great because it is girls from different seasons that haven’t lived together or interacted. Bad Girls are competitive and if someone isn’t winning there will be tension. It is a brilliant show.

I met Lea from the show in Vegas a few weeks ago. I told her I wanted to interview you and she said, “What about me?”
NN:  See? That’s what I am saying. It’s always a competition, even if it is something as small as an interview. To be honest with you, there was friction between all three of us on the show but it was interesting to work with other Bad Girls. I watched the first episode and people are going to go ape shit.

Do you want your own show?
NN: Of course, what kind of question is that? People want to do reality TV for all different reasons but I went to school for this. My major at UIC was communications. My emphasis was radio broadcasting. I always wanted to be a personality. My whole life was Natalie doing something in spotlight. Something entertaining was always coming out of my mouth.

Have you ever regretted something you have done on a reality show?
NN: There have been a few times that in real life if the cameras were not rolling and I didn’t have to stay in the house and deal with this girl then I would not have done that. One of those times was when I spit on Kate. My mom was really mad about that for months. I wasn’t raised that way. Spitting on someone is probably the most degrading thing that anyone can do. I knew in that situation if I hit her then I was going home. I wish I hadn’t spit on her. I wouldn’t change hooking up with guys but spitting on her was gross and not cool at all.

Do you watch the current season of the Bad Girls Club?
NN: Yeah, I have caught a few episodes. I like Kentucky Lauren. Immediately on the show she wasn’t taking shit. She says what she is thinking. I would rather have a girl like that around than Char. You don’t know how the person is until you watch them on TV because you don’t know what they are saying behind your back. She was the Amber on my season! Amber never said anything but the minute she got in that confessional was running her mouth.

The Chicago girl Jessica seems cool.
NN: Yes, but the only two that I have met are Char and Nikki.

Are you coming to visit Chicago?
NN: I will be there on May 6.

Do you still “run LA?”
NN: Dude, I am driving down Hollywood Boulevard right now! Thanks for the interview, Jerry NUNN!

Love Games kisses and tells on Monday on Oxygen. Check http://love-games.oxygen.com for listings and details. Natalie runs Chi-town on May 6 at The Lick, 14720 S Halsted, from 9 pm to 3 am.

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