¡Feliz Día de las Madres!

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Maria Campos-Vera
I used to be very protective of my mom when I was little; I didn’t want to share her with anyone else according to stories she tells me today. And now that we are living on two different continents, I miss her every day. My mom is one of those people who touches people’s lives for forever. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but she has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She taught me not to be scared of anything and to work hard to reach your goals, to aim high and respect those around you. She inspires me every day with her willingness to make the lives of those around her better. Her smile brightens any room. ¡Feliz dia de la madre!

Roberto del Rio
My mother has informed so much more than she knows onto my person. My style and comportment, up to my whole personality is all her. It is a struggle to reclaim who I am separate from her but, alas, it is useless to remove myself from her total bounty for I am a product of her. She is not only one of the funniest and strongest women I have ever had the delight to meet but the most worthy of my adoration. In her, not only do I see myself but I see where I shall go. She is, let’s face it, the person who gave me life so this day, this Latin American holiday, I shall proclaim that Susana Guadalupe is my idol. She is not without her faults, but in many respects, her faults are mine as well. And that is what makes us who we are. Te quiero bastante, mami. Más de lo que de te permitiré saber.

Catalina Maria Johnson
¡Gracias, mami! For the many times we heard you call throughout the house, “¡¡¡en español!!!” to remind my sisters and I to speak in Spanish. Thanks to your insistence and care, we can claim your beautiful language and culture as our own. But most of all, thank you for the example of what a powerful and principled woman can accomplish without ever compromising her integrity.

Abraham Velázquez Tello
¡Gracias, Madre Mia! Through thick and thin you has always been my life and inspiration to be a great person. We have always relied on each other for support and have learned so much about life and perseverance. Your hard work, dedication and love for all people will always live inside me. Thank you for supporting me, and allowing me to be my own person and with my own dreams. I’m far from the perfect son, but know that will always love and take care of my own children as much as you love and take care of me and Lillie to this day.

Luz Chavez
Entre muchas cosas, mi mamá me inspira por su gran imaginación. Es su imaginación que la llevó a hacer su vida en otro país, que entre el polvo de la pobreza, supo que otro mundo era posible. Es su imaginación que le enseñó ser una madre comprensiva y cariñosa, sin ella conocer el rostro de su propia madre. Su imaginación la inspira a escribir como poeta y bromear como comediante. Es una madre a toda madre. ¡Feliz dia!

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