I’m a guy who loves American beer. I love our aggressive, kick-to-the-face West Coast Double IPAs.  I love our deeply layered, luxurious Imperial Stouts. But what I also love is a big brewer taking a chance on a style that not many have heard of. This summer, Sam Adams decided to put two new beers in their summer twelve pack, and both those beers are rather impressive. The one beer I was most surprised by, however, was the Sam Adams Rustic Saison.

The beer pours a very clear straw and tops itself with a bright, white head. I could smell a nice floral and estery note, and I also got some yeast and sweet malt aromas.

When I took my first sip, I was very impressed. I got sparks of pepper and spices along with some herbal and grassy hops. Even the finish left me with some white grape skin.

These things sound great, but what was most impressive to me was how closely this beer reminded me of classic examples of the style. Rustic Saison does exactly what it should, though it may be a little muted for true Saison aficionados. Little did I know while I drank it that this beer is only 4.35% abv. Heck, that’s a session beer!

And thus, there’s the rub. This beer is pretty low alcohol, but there are only two in the twelve pack!  Come on, Sam. It’s not fair that you make a beer this good and not sell it on its own.

If you’re looking for good beer to drink while watching the trees bud, I would highly recommend Rustic Saison.  In fact, at about $13 I would recommend buying their Summer variety pack. Each beer inside is a hit. If you’re looking for something similar to Rustic Saison, I would try Saison Dupont or Avec Les Bons Vœux de la Brasserie Dupont if you’re a little adventurous (but grab from the back of the shelf since these are in green bottles).

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