Go With Me the new album by Seapony, not to be confused with México’s Hello Seahorse! thought comparably airy but by no means similar, starts with a bang on the soft-surf smash, “Dreaming.” The opening number is the most memorable track of the album, but kind of makes me wish they’d hidden the pleasant ditty somewhere towards the middle of the album, to balance out the otherwise forgettable numbers to follow. To be honest, the album falls short after “Dreaming.”

“I Never Would” slicks breathy discontent, but by this second track I’d already grow tired of the repetitive single chord progressions. “In the Sea,” picks up the pace but I was still straining to hear any voice or words at all. Just because the band claims to sing about simple themes doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear the dang lyrics.

Overall the album is un-effective. With plenty of catchy melodies lost in the droning repetitions of the pop formula guitars and drum machines, you’d expect the band to make you want to get up and dance. However, no dance-athon emerges from this safe and uninspired album. Comfortable and dare I say conformist compositions do not make up for lack of sonic variance or singularity. Seapony’s lack luster approach to music may convince the hipsters, but it doesn’t convince me.

Yet another  track with infectiously cliched melodies and drowned out vocals, “I really do” sneaks in seconds of stellar surf guitar solos that might serve to save the band in the future. Listen here to “Dreaming” and “Blue Star” from Seapony’s belly flop of an album, Go With Me.

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