The trumpet solo intro to “Radio Capital,” the revving opener by Venezuela’s very best, La Vida Bohème on their new album Nuestra pretty much sums up the entire album. Nuestra is aggressively sensual, with a hint of that live band 50’s vibe to it. When the band steps in with their Los Amigos Invisibles meets LCD Soundsystem lunacy, you can’t help but jump out your seat and dance all over the room. They’re too garage to be ska, too rhythmic to be experimental. But with Miguel Aguayo qualities on their quiet tracks and the wildest hoots of La Maldita Vecindad hidden in their Nirvana noise, this band combines cow bells with a jolt of electric guitar. Wait a minute, was that a clave I heard clacking in the background?

This vodka addicted band is going to be rich… someday. Until then, enjoy the the whistles on “EL Buen Slavaje” rivaling that other catchy ditty by those Swedes: Peter, Bjorn and John.  This album redeems Nacional after that other terrible release, from those other alternative unfortunates, Jarabe de Palo. Meanwhile, on this hit album Nuestra, the alt-rock buildup on “Flamingo” produces incredibly arousing affects, nulling you like a first hit. Shout outs to Henry, Daniel, Sebastían and Rafael on a job well done. We tip our hats to you gentlemen. Nuestra by La Vida Bohème will turn you into a pre-pubescent little Mexican boy bouncing around your Section-8 apartment wishing you were at a rock show. Alternative never sounded so good.

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