Nacional Records has really bombed on this one. Expecting something innovative or exciting in Jarade De Palo, you’ll only find run of the mill alternative music, classic rock riffs and passive lyrics. Pau Donés’ vocals grate my nerves, but his guitar work is alright, in that I used to listen to bad music on Q101 in the 90’s kind of way. Stripped of Donés’ vocals, the drums of Tenas and the additional guitars of Busquets and Frouchtman, and the solid bass of Carmen Niño might save this album. ¿Y Ahora Qué Hacemos? sounds like bad Blink 182 in Spanish. Cute, but not cute enough. Listening to the album over and over again, I couldn’t find a single song that sounded like a hit single, not even something I’d want to put on a mix for a friend.

Nope. Nada. I donno who to be madder at, Nacional for promoting this album, or the band for making it. Their saving grace might be the short lyrics, long trumpets and psych rock solos on “Soy Un Bicho,” but those few moments of Donés voice go and ruin it every time, like a wannabe Manu Chao, or a failed Café Tacuba. I think we could have all lived without this album. But, thanks either way guys. You got a real revolting feeling out of me. Now that takes talent. “Breve Historia De Un Músico Persona,” has a final 1 minute and 30 second moment of glory where the rap-style monotone of Jordi Busquets outdrones Donés obnoxious voice with strength and profound possibility. I recommend the band switch gears the next go around, with minimal instrumentation and more of the innovative lyricism found in the last few moments of an unfortunate album. Too little too late. Sorry guys. Better luck next time.

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