Dexter Tortoriello is a brilliant 24 years old tearing it up with his new, serene but mean, April 12 release of The Blow EP. His recent project titled  Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross is one of the most unique works of the year. Casual, cool, and captivating, DG&RC brings together boom metal and avant noise effortlessly. Intimately composed from the Chicagoans bedroom, this experimental synth project sublimes effervescence.

“On the Floor,” rings of Xui Xui vulnerability with moments of Modest Mouse angst. The nubile track “Blacks,” is reminiscent of Portishead’s sex-tronic, with a Basement Jaxx build-up and  Radiohead climax. Beautifully woebegone, title track “Blow” is a melancholy delight, like David Bowie whispered throughout a starless night. “White Sun,” the most lively track of The Blow EP is just the kind of song that belongs in a Michel Gondry film or at the least a video directed by him. “Black Sun,” is so sad it makes you smile.

Listen to “Blacks,” from the surprising Mad Decent release of DG&RC’s The Blow EP.

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