Spring is in the (rather cold) air and concerts are blooming left and right like (chilly, little) flowers. Coming up this week at the Logan Square Auditorium are Brooklynites Vivian Girls in a show with The Black Lips. Vivian Girls have just released a new album, Share the Joy, perhaps their most comprehensive yet accessible album yet. While the girly-ness of Vivian Girls’ music and lyrics is certainly an unavoidable motif, the band goes beyond the binding and often unspoken expectations of cuteness and chicky pop-dom and proves itself as a cool, attitude-laced, meaningful addition to the sound of the Brooklyn lo-fi/post-punk/garage rock/dream pop thing that’s been happening in recent years. Their sound distinguishes itself from that ‘movement’, with aspects of hook-driven R&B and hippie rock from the 60s and early 70s meshing into the aforementioned genres. Vivian Girls’ melodic rawness should be well complemented by The Black Lips, who are also known for their energetic performances and catchy tunes.

Black Lips / Vivian Girls / Outer Mindsat Logan Square Auditorium

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