So, what do you want to see happen in the world today? Whether we realize it or not, we all possess an undeniable ability to actualize our aspirations and personify our perceptions to the rest of the world. VersionFest seems to understand that concept, and they’re bringing Chicagoans together to think globally and act locally.

Produced by the Public Media Institute, a non profit 501(c)(3) arts organization, VersionFest happens perennially in the springtime and brings together hundreds of artists, musicians and educators from around the world to present some of the most challenging ideas and progressive art initiatives in today’s world.

We talk a lot here at Gozamos about what we pride ourselves on: building community, but what’s the next step after a community is built? A society? A nation? A universe even? VersionFest starts their journey in Bridgeport at these locations:

Benton House
3052 S Gratten Avenue

The Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St

Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar
960 W 31st St

Eastern Expansion
244 W 31st St

3636 S. Iron Street

Merchandise Mart

Don’t dare miss Materiel this year (April 29th) with contributions from: Fogelson-Lubliner, Timonthy Goodman, Bob Martus, The Free Associates, Ben Pieratt, Zissou, Scott Reinhard, Colin Matsui, David Iglesias, Kate Jones, Forest, Jared Stone, SOFTlab, James P. Morse, Dan Blackman, Travis Stearns and Fablous. Creative direction, writing and select illustrations by Kyle Poff and Michael Freimuth. Maria’s welcomes back their favorite DJ Collective Sonorama to spin as well and it’s free, so make it happen!

Enjoy VersionFest’s many events happening through May 1st with The New New Chicagoans running through May 7th. And remember:

“Everyone in the world can make a difference and everyone should try.” -JFK

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