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Artist Lauren Brescia has been sculpting, photographing, sewing and baking “cakes” ever since her last year of BFA Sculpture at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. For years, she has been approaching this traditionally edible theme not only as a subject matter but as a medium in itself. Her fantasy art deeply showcases Lauren’s performing background with her installations that are theatrical, playful, strikingly visual and inviting to touch. They provoke a sentiment of comforting surprise and embody a nostalgic reminiscence of sweet, happy times.

Her latest solo show, “One Art, Please” has been hosted at one of Chicago Loop Alliance’s Pop-Up Art Loop galleries.  This exhibition has been the result of her introspection into what it means to be a female artist, naturally drawn to the domestic sphere and crafts genre, and to be a marketable artist by exhibiting and selling her works of art out of a downtown commercial space. For over two months, this empty retail store has been transformed into a temporary “bakery”, where whimsical and decadently beautiful faux cakes have been entertaining the surprised pedestrians walking by. However, for this special bakery, “cakes” were created out of slightly different ingredients: styrofoam, spackle, ceramic, plaster, glaze and found objects.

Hundreds of spectators have left her show craving for sugar, wishing one of her pieces was indeed real. This is the main reason why, at the closing of her exhibit, Lauren Brescia decided to give back to everyone who has been inspired by her show by hosting “One Cake, Please” an edible art show. For this unique night, Lauren’s sculptures and installations were displayed among real cakes baked by popular Chicago bakeries such as The Bleeding Heart Bakery (Owner and 7 time Food Network challenger and winner Michelle Garcia baked a monumental pink installation-cake) and Honey Bee’s Cakes. Crumbs Bake Shop and Savor Baking Company also satisfied attendees’ stomachs with their wonderful cupcakes. Guests including art and pastry lovers were immersed in a very unique art show experience, surrounded by faux and real cakes, live cupcake decorating, champagne and music.

Lauren will be co-exhibiting a show called “The  Very Pink of Perfection” at Gallery Pink in Oak Park along with artist Janice Elkins from April 15th to June 5th. For more information about the artist and her upcoming shows, visit her website:

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