Gozamos: I just moved to Mexico City, but was born and raised in Chicago. The Hide Out is a monumental staple of indie, folk and jazz in Chicago’s underground scene. How was it playing there? I wish I could have caught your set.
Gabriel: The Hide Out ruled!
Danny: Yea, I have a couple of friends in Chicago, most of which play in bands and they were all telling me that that’s their favorite place to play in town. We had never been there though, but we really loved it! I really liked the vibe there.. everyone was real cool! It looks great too..

If you don’t mind me noting, you guys are kinda brown. As another beige brother in the indie world, I’m curious where your from? How have your upbringings affected your artistic ambitions?
Danny: Gabriel and Diego were both born in Venezuela, but raised in Miami, and I was born and raised in Miami, but my whole fam is Cuban. I’m not sure if it’s affected our ambition at all, but dancing is a big part of our culture, so we try to keep it groovy…
Gabriel: Cuban food is a huge influence.

What of these swamp lands I’ve been hearing about?
Danny: I’m assuming you’re referring to The Everglades… I grew up real close to there actually. It’s pretty cool out there… You got tons of wild animals, air-boat rides, and weird trails and stuff. I always try to take friends that are visiting out there.

Who were you guys listening to while growing up? Who’s one of your most embarrassing idols?
Danny: Some early albums I remember having were… Stevie B – Party Your Body, Young MC – Stone Cold Rymin’, Guns And Roses – Appetite For Destruction, Poison – Open Up And Say.. Ahh!, and I’m not sure if this is an embarrassing idol, but growing up I loved Rambo.
Gabriel: My idols were Jonathon Taylor Thomas & Gary Sheffield!

Any pleasant surprises for you this year?
Danny: Well it’s not a surprise, but we’ll have a new record out!
Gabriel: More touring! Hopefully this year will bring our first trip over to Europe!

Have you finished recording the LP? What can we look forward to with your debut album? What’s the overarching theme or narrative, if there is any?
Danny: We’re actually at the studio as I type this…Coming along nicely! It’s our second full length, but our debut for Hardly Art! No narrative or anything like that though, just more classy tunes!

What’s one thing that marks you guys apart from the throngs of indie acts out right now?
Danny: We’re handsome.
Gabriel: We’re handsome.

Tell us about your worst/best sets on tour.
Danny: One of our best was playing with a bunch of friends in SF last year and one of our worst was trying to play when Gabriel had no voice and Diego’s drum kit fell apart in Oxford last year as well. We gotta get back there soon and make up for that…
Gabriel: I think playing Don Pedro’s was one our best & worst sets ever! What an amazing nightmare…

Any current artistic crushes (music and otherwise)?
Danny:  The photography of Jason Fulford and Christian Patterson
Gabriel: I have a huge crush on our good friend & rad artist Justin H. Long outta Miami!

Name one band you’d love to work with, active or retired.
Danny: Sly And The Family Stone
Gabriel: Tom Petty!

Listen to Jacuzzi Boys via brooklynvegan here!.

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